Thursday, June 28, 2007


I know, I know, this topic has been done to death elsewhere. But a blog needs to tackle the hard stuff (eventually)...

This article by The Age (28 June 2007) is very inspiring. It talks about "ARAB, a grassroots performing arts project working with young people from Melbourne's northern suburbs. Its goal is to tap into a hunger for artistic self-expression that it says exists among youth in the region who would otherwise have limited options. And in the three years since it started, hip-hop music, dance and comedy have worked to erode cultural barriers in a way that other outlets don't."

Sixteen-year-old dancer Leah Buchannan is also a member of ARAB. She says her "Anglo" name and the fact that she is the daughter of Scottish and Filipino parents made her a constant target of school bullies. "As a person that is half-caste, I got a lot of racism and bullying. I was called a lot of names."

It makes me think that maybe my Mum is right, that our future kids will still be discriminated against for being "half-caste" despite everything. I wonder if we can ever live in a non-judgmental world. Perhaps it all starts with stereotypes.

One of the movies that I love is called Crash, which Oprah Winfrey couldn't stop talking about. In this episode of Oprah, we are encouraged to confront ourselves. By perpetuating these stereotypes, or myths, are we being racist? The argument is that these generalisations arise because most Jews are rich, most Indians are cunning and most Asians can't drive. They argue that it's not racism because it's (somewhat) true, and these preconceptions can 'help' us in dealing with others of different ethnicities.

I disagree.

Throw away your misconceptions! MOST does not mean ALL, and it's easy for you to judge others, but turn the tables around and see how you deal with being judged.

I still get looks of surprise when I meet someone for the first time and they realise that I can speak English with no accent (actually, there is an accent, an Aussie accent). For some reason this makes them think I'm more intelligent than I was before I opened my mouth. One of my colleagues was getting frustrated when she ordered fish and chips takeaway because "the guy couldn't speak English". She treats him like an idiot, when he probably did a Masters degree in China and has double her IQ. It happens so many times throughout our daily lives that we just accept it and/or ignore it. Our Lord Mayor John So, who actually speaks very articulate English (if you listen to what he says), is told he has "20 consonants short in his alphabet" for having a strong Chinese accent. There are more examples, such as this article by Sam de Brito in his blog All Men are Liars. I mean, in this day and age, you'd think we live in an accepting society.

Apparently, an accepting society starts with what we implicitly accept as individuals. How many times do we get caught up in a mob mentality where we feel discomfort about voicing our opinions because others do not share the same view? How many times do we laugh and dismiss those calls of "bloody wogs" or whatever? (like in this article) Maybe it's time we take notice and break the habit. Seriously. We know that we shouldn't accept any of it, but we do.

The article mentioned at the start of this post, whilst positive and heart-warming, demonstrates just how senseless racism can be. As more and more interracial couples in the world produce mixed children, their struggle to find identity in a world ruled by prejudice can be particularly detrimental to their self-esteem (as if kids need more reasons to have low self-esteem). I hope that my children won't have to go through that, but I know they will.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mother's Love

So as I mentioned, J won't be having his kidney operation this year because his Mum is too selfish to give him one of his kidneys.

Sorry, I meant because she's too fat and can't lose the weight.

I mean, she's obese and it would increase the risk of complications during surgery.

I know I'm being a bit harsh, maybe she wants to enjoy her new lease on life with her new boyfriend, maybe she's never been happy her whole life till now.

If it was me, I would just not eat. Anything to save my son. I guess not everyone thinks that way.

I already asked, even though I wanted to give J one of my kidneys apparently I can't: I have a different blood type, my kidney is too small and I'm too young - it might affect my ability to have kids.

So all we can do is wait...

Wedding stress!

Ok, again apologies for not updating my blog...
I finally graduated (YAY!) I applied for and got the job I want (YAY!- I start next year) And I've been planning for the wedding.
So far:
Church booked - check
Reception booked - check
Limo hire - check
Band - check
Flowers - check
Wedding dress - check (bought a different one, not going to Indo anymore since J won't have operation this year but that's another topic)
Tiara - check
Invitations - check
Guests... aargh!!! My sweet mother-in-law who is the nicest person has decided to invite more people to this wedding than either of us. My own Mum is only inviting 9 people, she's inviting 30! The stress of family politics is starting to get to me...

Friday, January 19, 2007


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Happy New Year 2007!!!

I apologise for being so slack... I haven't updated this blog for a while now.

Crash update... I had exams and got great results (YAY), went to Indonesia to get my wedding dress made and visit my sick grandma (she had a heart attack and is now bed-ridden) and now working full-time, finishing off my last summer subject and organising the wedding.

I was annoyed with my sister because she asked my Mum if she's ready to have 'ugly' black grandchildren. I can't believe my own sister said that - and she's going to be a bridesmaid!

I got closer with my brother since I emailed him with an outpouring of grief because I felt I couldn't live up to my Mum's standards and in fact I don't want to live her life.

If I had a dollar for each time my Mum asks me if I was sure about marrying Jason I'd be a millionaire by now. I guess she just wants me to be sure. Though she's quick to participate in wedding preparations, so I know she still loves him. She says that I'm too young (22), but she was 19 when she got married.

Jason is scheduled for a kidney transplant soon, so I'm also stressed about his health. And of course everyone is putting their 2 cents in, Mum's best friend said why would I want to marry a sick person. I know she has my interests at heart, but I could marry a healthy person today and he could die tomorrow from an accident, who's to know? I thought marriage is about love, I didn't realise how many cynical people there are.

Gee, this turned out to be pretty depressing... I meant for it to be more jovial.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Please help save Zara!

I know I haven't been posting much lately, been stressed & busy with uni, wedding preparation & work. I thought it was important though to get the word out about little Zara's story.

Zara and her twin brother have just turned one, but Zara may only have 3 months to live due to a heart condition. She needs a new heart. Soon. Her chances of getting a heart here in Oz is very slim, so they have decided to move to New York. Please help her by going to

You don't have to make a donation, the McRaes need other stuff too, like recommendations and accommodation in New York, introduction to Paediatricians and Cardiologists, and volunteers. Check out for their wishlist.

Monday, May 29, 2006

New forums! (from a new friend)

Zen gave me links to new forums!! I'll check it out and add them soon :)

Friday, May 05, 2006

We bought a house!!!

Jason and I are now proud homeowners of a quaint brick house in the suburbs of Melbourne :)

I was going to publish the photos, but decided it might be a bad idea. Not to say I don't trust any of you, but there are some weird people who trawl the net.

Anyways, we're busy unpacking and decorating... I'm trying my best to incorporate feng shui principles but it's so complicated and we don't have a lot of money so a renovation is definitely out of the question. I guess we'll take things in stride.

May you be blessed :)

We Send You Our Blessings

click the above link to see this great movie.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Compatibility Test

Mine and Jason's compatibility:
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Emotional Stability42%
scale key - you them
Your overall similarity is 75%.
Your overall complementarity is 69%.
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